Someone’s Gone And Drawn A Bunch Of Dicks All Over NSW Premier Mike Baird’s Campaign Bus

Government dick-tatorship.

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The NSW state election is nearly upon us, and while it’s sadly lacking both the emphasis on cagefighting of the Victorian election and the rampant insanity of Queensland’s poll last month, there are still enough endearingly idiotic moments to convince the casual observer that state politics is basically the 1999 classic film Election on steroids.

An unlikely source of laughter-that-is-nonetheless-depressing has been Liberal Premier Mike Baird. A couple of weeks ago Baird tried appealing to The Youth by releasing a Jimmy Kimmel-style video where he read mean Tweets about himself, only to have it promptly pulled down off YouTube for infringing musical copyright, and last year his appearance in a TV ad for the Daily Telegraph alongside Miranda Devine and Andrew Bolt didn’t exactly scream impartiality. Still, Baird’s government is almost certain to be re-elected on March 28, although ABC election analyst Antony Green reckons the result might be closer than most polls are suggesting.

Baird has a giant US President-style campaign bus tearing around the state at the moment because that’s a thing that Australian politicians do now, apparently, and it stopped in the Blue Mountains town of Katoomba last night to pull up stumps. Come morning, though, the Magic Small-Market Freedom Bus was festooned with graffiti, angry slogans telling Baird he was “not welcome” in Katoomba, and dicks. Lots of dicks.

Baird laughed off the graffiti, saying that Katoomba “is an art town” and that people are entitled to express their opinions. Considering state government funding cuts have resulted in a Katoomba women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence closing down, though, it’s fairly understandable someone might want to get a little creative when Baird’s bus rolled into town.

In other conservative-politicians-campaigning-badly news, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key tried to hammer a nail into a campaign sign yesterday, and failed so abysmally the footage has gone viral. Enjoy this gif.

Feature image via El Gibbs/Twitter.