Some Sydney Comics Have Come Up With The Perfect Parody Of People Who Wear Gym Clothes Everywhere

Down with 'activewear'.

If you have an acquaintance or coworker who’s a little too eager to subtly compare muscle tone or share their experiences sampling every last one of Sydney’s kale smoothies, this might be something to contrive sneaking their way. A bunch of Sydney comics have perfectly captured the weird, hopefully short-lived trend that is ‘activewear’, along with all the faux-inspirational, corporate spirituality-lite horseshit that goes with it.

It comes courtesy of the Bondi Hipsters’┬áChristiaan Van Vuuren, who’s no stranger to lampooning ridiculous Eastern Suburbs culture, as well as all-female sketch comedy group Skit Box, who have a pilot up on ABC iView as part of the ABC’s ‘Fresh Blood’ comedy project.