Some Poor American Bloke Named Peter Dutton Is Getting OUR Peter Dutton’s Hate Mail On Twitter

Pictured: Peter Dutton. Also pictured: Peter Dutton.

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[Update May 19, 2016]: Immigration Minister Peter Dutton is now copping deserved heat for saying refugees “won’t be numerate or literate in their own language, let alone English” and will somehow both abuse the welfare system and take Australian jobs. It’s another weird day for US Peter Dutton:

[Update, January 5, 2016]: With Peter Dutton under fire for his “mad fucking witch” text to Samantha Maiden, Peter Duttons around the world are again fielding misdirected tweets from enraged Australians. Given that, we’re reposting this as a friendly reminder to check before you tweet, or better yet, never tweet at all.

Unless you’re that Liberal MP who’s terrified of glitter bombs, there’s probably no one in Parliament who’s more reluctant to answer their fan mail than the Minister for Immigration, Border Protection and Looking Like a Baby Peter Dutton.

Fortunately for him, some sucker in New York City is doing it for him.

New York-based photographer Peter Dutton — who has incredible patience — has been copping flak for being an Australian MP for months, and has largely taken it in good humour.

But his Twitter feed reads like a man slowly falling into a pit of despair, as Australians continue to heap dozens of tweets a week on him.

Among his many haters are tweets directed to him by GetUp, the ABC, and that weird new propaganda wing of the Labor Party, the Labor Herald. At one stage the desperate New Yorker even tried starting his own hashtag, #youhavethewrongguy, but it didn’t work. He’s probably better off just legally changing his name rather than expecting the internet to ever change its habits.

American Peter Dutton told Junkee the REAL Minister for Immigration has contacted him and told him not to bother passing on the fan mail.

“He was very nice to me, so of course I have nothing against him. Plus he has an awesome name,” said American Dutton.

So the Minister who nearly invaded Melbourne has left a better impression on this guy than everyday Australians. Think on your sins, Australia.

Jake Evans is a writer, Sydneysider and a Hemingway obsessive. He can be found amongst the #qanda trails, and at @jcobevans