Solange Is Doing Something Big, And We Must Find Out What

She's got a mysterious new website filled with cowboys, cowgirls and strippers.


Solange has been teasing a new album for the past few months, and now it seems like something is happening soon.

We’ve been on high-alert ever since Solange’s T magazine interview last October, which said we were on “the eve of her new album”. That eve has been a few months, but today, Solange has launched a new website filled with images, GIFs and some potential lyrics.

Solange has taken over BlackPlanet, a social media site from 1999 for black people, and has created her own account/page.

Tying together these threads are continual plays on Houston, Texas, where Solange grew up. Cowboy boots, black cowboys/cowboy girls, rodeo scenes and most integrally, some potential lyrics: “I made the pilgrimage back to the pagoda of third ward Houston to answer this.”

Also featured are tour dates, for various European and US festivals, and a spot to sign up for a newsletter. It’s not a lot, but it’s definitely something — understandably, fans are freaking out.


Grab A Seat At The Table, and head over to Black Planet.