Soccer Mommy Secures Her Place As Indie-Rock Royalty

We sit down with Soccer Mommy to talk about her new album, 'Sometimes Forever.'

Soccer Mommy returns for her 2023 tour of Australia for her new album Sometimes Foever

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Soccer Mommy (AKA Sophia Allison) is one of the most gifted songwriters making indie-rock music right now.

Her new record Sometimes Forever continues this legacy, and in 2023 she’s finally returning to Australia to treat us to a national tour. 

For the new album, she has collaborated with experimental electronic producer composer Oneohtrix Point Never, which Allison describes as a dream collaboration. 

“It was awesome. I absolutely love Dan and I was a fan of his work before we even talked to do the record. When he was interested, I was just like, ‘yes, let’s do this,’” she tells Junkee

Allison says that working with the producer, also known as Daniel Lopatin, pushed her out of her comfort zone, allowing her to expand the boundaries of her sound in Sometimes Forever.

“I think he’s so talented… he has so many good ideas and he brought so much stuff to the album that is all the stuff I wanted to do, but I don’t think I would’ve known how to get there by myself.”

The new album comes with the all the Soccer Mommy trimmings that fans have come to know and love, while also being a slight sonic departure from her previous albums. Allison tells me she found herself unafraid to venture into new sonic terrain, shifting into the new space song by song.  

“I never really had the worry of, ‘will people not like this because it’s different?’ I always want to be able to do different things and just have fun and be excited and not feel stuck in one place.”

She wanted stress to prove that feelings can co-exist, that you can have moments that will feel like they will exist only transiently, yet simultaneously, forever. 

This sense of movement is captured in the album’s title, with Soccer Mommy explaining that she wanted it to evoke feelings “of push and pull, and back and forth.”

She wanted to show how the two feelings can co-exist; that you can have moments that will feel like they will exist only transiently, yet simultaneously, forever. 

Another thing that comes with listening to Soccer Mommy is a distinct sense of main character energy; something that belongs in the pivotal arc of a coming-of-age film. 

When asked if this new album could soundtrack a movie, Allison laughs, joking that it would only be suited to a supernatural, fantasy rom-com. And those are genuinely the themes that you can hear bubbling up on Sometimes Forever. 

As Soccer Mommy gears up for the tour, she says fans will be treated to a “rollercoaster” show; a mix of classic tracks as well as a healthy dose of songs from the new record. 

Find tickets to Soccer Mommy’s national tour here