Watch This Canberra Soccer Match Get Interrupted By A Literal Soccer Roo

Canberra's answer to the World Cup.


Forget the Socceroos, there’s a literal soccer roo in town. In Canberra over the weekend, a premier league soccer match was interrupted by a local kangaroo who just decided to sub on, and they caught the whole glorious thing on tape.

The kangaroo in question seemed to be really enjoying the action just before half time, when it was captured watching intently from the sidelines. Apparently not content with just watching, though, it then jumped onto the field for a shot at glory.

This, unfortunately, did not go well for our poor friend. Have a look at this goalkeeping:

Not to mention this diving:

At one point, people started just punting balls towards the roo to get it to leave the field, without much success. It hung around for the next half hour or so, delaying the second half for about 20 minutes and continuing to interrupt play once it started.

Finally, in a dramatic exit, it busted through the middle of the game to bound out the gates and off into the sunset. You can see the highlights reel here:

There’s also a much longer video of the soccer roo’s escapades available here (start at 56 minutes). You can also watch the (human) Socceroos play Peru in the World Cup at midnight AEST on Wednesday.