Please Enjoy This Incredibly Cursed Video of An AI Trying To Sing Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’

It eventually just becomes demonic chanting.

Smash Mouth singing AI

For hundreds of years, futurists and science fiction writers have tried to guess what the wonders of modern technology might eventually bring — flying cars, robot limbs, actual democracy. But all those nerds can fuck off, because none of them saw this video of an AI program trying to sing ‘All Star’ coming.

Yep, the Smash Mouth memes simply refuse to die down. It’s been what, a hundred years since the release of Shrek, but the standout tune from the soundtrack still has the ability to prompt gales of laughter with pretty much nothing in the way of context.

And the AI video proves it. The work of YouTuber Broccaloo, the short clip sees an open-sourced AI jukebox program try to sing its own version of the Smash Mouth hit. The result? 80% scrambled pop goodness, 20% demonic chanting.

I mean, just watch:

For more on the AI itself, you can read up on a blog by its creator right here. But in terms of how it works, here’s the quick lowdown.

Basically, Jukebox is a neural net processor. You can feed it both the typed-out lyrics, and the music itself, which is how the bot in the ‘All Star’ video knows the words even as it’s chewing the song up like a paper shredder gone out of control.

Thank God for the internet and its bounty of pure inanity, I say.