“Small Dick Energy”: The Preatures Blast Punter Who Chucked A Glass At Them Onstage

"Fuck off with your small dick energy."

Just a day after Shannon Noll burst into an aggressive tirade against a punter who chucked a beer can at him onstage, Sydney band The Preatures have publicly called out an audience member who threw a glass at their bassist during their gig on Sunday night.

The band were midway through their set at Launceston’s Saloon Bar when a shitty punter hurled a glass at Thomas Campion, hitting him in the face. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously injured.

“To the dude the [sic] threw a glass onstage tonight and hit me in the face,” Campion wrote on the band’s Instagram late last night. “Fuck off with your small dick energy. There’s no place for that at any gig anywhere.”

“Small dick energy is not welcome at any Preatures show,” Campion continued in an Instagram video. “If you want to throw things, go to the park.”

Campion added that the perpetrator was “apprehended and ejected swiftly” by the staff at Saloon Bar.

If you’re confused by the phrase “small dick energy”, here’s a primer: two weeks back the internet went bananas over the concept of Big Dick Energy (BDE), a personality trait that can be applied to those that possess a certain easy confidence or charisma.

Rihanna, for example, has exceptional Big Dick Energy. Jon Hamm…not so much. If you want to read further, check out our explainer.

Small Dick Energy is, obviously, the opposite of that.

It’s not the first time the band have addressed shitty crowd behaviour on their current tour. Just last week they called out a fan for unsafe crowd-surfing at their show in Penrith.

Maybe let’s all stop chucking shit at bands, hey?