Please Enjoy The Adorable Story Of The World’s Laziest Sled Dog 

If you've ever wondered what happens to the lazy sled dogs, here's your answer.

sled dog

If you’ve ever seen sled dogs in action, you’ve probably been impressed by their apparently endless enthusiasm for running. This is the quintessential sled dog pic: enthusiastic dogs aimed at the horizon, running for their lives.

Pictures like this raise an interesting question, though: what happens when a sled dog gets lazy? And thanks to dog sled racer Blair Braverman, we now know the surprisingly cute answer.

On Twitter over the weekend, Braverman introduced us to Glory, one of the most adorable pups you’ve ever laid eyes on.

Glory, Braverman told us, is a terrific sled dog in every way but one: she really could not give a fuck about pulling a sled. This dog is “always happy to romp — UNTIL the harness comes out”, at which point she abruptly loses interest. For Glory, life is less about sprinting towards the horizon and more about…this.

And this:

And look, as someone who is also finding it hard to get back into my job on this cruel Monday, same.

Unfortunately for Glory, enthusiasm for running is kind of a key part of the sled dog job. But luckily for her, another rare job opening came up just in time. After Braverman’s parents’ 16-year-old Labrador passed away, they started looking for their next dog. Glory took a trip south to apply for the role, and she ended up being a perfect match. Just look at this:

Looks like she’s nailing the new gig. If you want updates on Glory’s new life, you can follow her new owners on Twitter here. And if you’d like to see more beautiful pictures and updates on Glory’s more athletic siblings, we highly recommend following Blair Braverman on Twitter. She’s also got a book about her life as a dogsled racer, which you can check out here.


Feature image via Blair Braverman on Twitter.