‘Sky News’ Has Completely Melted Down Over Labor’s Win

"It's gonna be a long three years, but 2025 mark it in your diary. Dutton, Trump, the Liberals will be back."

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Just hours ago, Anthony Albanese was officially sworn in as the 31st Prime Minister of Australia.

Conservative television channel Sky News has gone into meltdown today following Scott Morrison’s election loss, with right-wing host Rowan Dean blaming the moderates of the Liberal party for the defeat while calling them “bedwetters”.

In an animated and bizarre rant, Dean furiously disavowed the election results while preaching that the Albanese government would “destroy the fabric of this nation”.

“Despite every warning we gave you, Scott Morrison and the bedwetters betrayed their conservative base! And then, they all lost their seats! Talk about instant karma!” Dean declared.

Despite the ‘next generation of Liberal leadership’ — David Sharma and Josh Frydenberg — losing their seats due to successful challenges from teal Independents with progressive environmental policies, Dean stated that Peter Dutton would be the one to return the Liberal Party to power in 2025.

“There is a silver lining to this cloud, the liberal party under Peter Dutton has the chance to be a true conservative, mainstream party now that all the bed wetters have gone!” Dean said.

“Early 2025, put it in your diary too. Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next US president, or Ron Desantis, and a few weeks later Peter Dutton and the Liberals will be swept into power in Australia.”

“It’s gonna be a long three years, but 2025 mark it in your diary. Dutton, Trump, the Liberals will be back.”

Another Sky News commentator Paul Murray, who was visibly upset on election night, has now promised that “the resistance starts here”.

“It’s here, each and every night at eight o’clock,” Murray said.

Murray Watt — one of Labor’s lone voices on Sky‘s election coverage — offered up some sage words as the election result came through on Saturday night.

“Frankly, as a Labor person, I’m pretty happy to hear Michael Kroger say that what the Liberal party and National party need to do is fight more culture wars, like, go for your life!” Watt said.

“It’s not what the average person in suburban Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and regional Queensland is thinking about.”