People Have Discovered A Way To Get Siri To Make Orgasm Noises

"Sounds like Siri got one of those remote control jelly beans in her vajay."

siri whats my name meme

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People online have discovered that you can really abuse Siri’s ‘What’s My Name’ function.

Like all good trends, the Siri ‘What’s My Name’ misuse started on TikTok with user @gocrazyjames. In the original, James set Siri up to call him “Ahahahahhahahahahahahahahah…” which yielded some unexpected noises. But it was only after the trend made it’s way to Twitter did it really take off.

Turns out Siri doesn’t pronounce “haha” as the way we know it, and instead trails off into some kind of breathless slurring of words.

Uploaded by Raynelle Baldovino, the slurring Siri inspired others to give the ‘What’s My Name’ function a go for themselves.

Getting Siri to call you names isn’t new, after all the “vagina, vagina, vagina, vagina” Vine was born out of abusing the very same feature.

However, this is the first time people have discovered that Siri will try to sound out any number of keyboard mashings. After hearing a few “hahahaha” variations from the virtual assistant, Twitter users started to point out that Siri’s was starting to sound somewhat sexual.

Or at the very least, very breathy and familiar.

So people tried different sounds to see what kind of range Siri possessed. This included trying to turn the iPhone service into a VSCO girl.

And inadvertently trying to get Siri to “pspspsps” over a cat.

Even the Brits across the pond tried to see if their Siri’s could do the same.

But somehow it all just ended up sounding like an impromptu rap session.

Wow, the power of technology.