Simone Biles Is So Incredible That Her Celebrity Crush Just Flew To Rio For Her


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I’m honestly finding it tough to write this post because words cannot properly convey the amount of love and respect I feel for US gymnast Simone Biles.

In case you’ve been missing out, here’s the basics: she’s a 19-year-old Olympian who’s blown away the competition to take home four gold medals in Rio. Her floor routine in particular has drawn unparalleled praise, being described as “superhuman” and “unbeatable”; its manipulation of the basic laws of physics has led to bewildered scrutiny and comparisons to the forefront of robotics. Thanks in part to her signature move (a double half layout no one else can do), she is now a household name. When quizzed on her new fame, she offered one of the best quotes in Olympic history: “I’m not the next Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps, I’m the first Simone Biles”.

Please know I say all this while clutching my chest so my heart doesn’t burst with happiness. This has been my favourite part of the Rio Olympics and, considering this is an event which has included elite athletes guzzling Maccas, the Boomers nearly taking down the US, and proud grandparents weeping with joy, that’s really saying something.

We are not worthy of this perfection.

Turns out I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Overnight, Zac Efron flew to Rio for a surprise visit with the new superstar. Though it’s the first time the pair have met, the move’s been a long time coming. Way back in March, Biles told Ellen DeGeneres she had a big ol’ crush on Efron (at one point she even had a cardboard cutout of him in her room) and that kicked off a few flirty exchanges on Twitter.

This has definitely been ramping up a bit over the course of the Games.

The resulting pics and videos of them stealing cheeky kisses and flirting their butts off IRL is the most delightful thing you’ll find on the internet today.

For any teen girls reading this, please note: when you’re a total rockstar at doing what you love, the power of your greatness will propel your crushes across literal seas to you. Please let this be your motivation.