Another ‘Wife Guy’ Has Gone Viral After Refusing To Eat Fajitas Without Shredded Cheese

All hail our new wife guy and Karen crossover: The Shredded Cheese Wife Guy.

shredded cheese wife guy

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Wife guys truly are a curse upon the world.

But when you combine a wife guy with the unstoppable energy of a Karen, all hell breaks loose. And that’s exactly what happened when the Shredded Cheese Wife Guy posted on Twitter about his wife’s arduous ordeal in having eat some cheese-less fajitas while dining out in the middle of a pandemic.

You see, in the now-deleted tweet, Jason Vicknair shared a photo of his very sad-looking wife staring at a plate of cheese-less fajitas. Complaining about the “crappy service” at Mi Cocina restaurant in Allen, Texas, the Shredded Cheese Wife Guy said that the couple had waited a whole 18 minutes (!!!) for their cheese.

“My wife, date night after three+ months locked up on quarantine. Waiting for shredded cheese as it’s the only way she can eat fajitas,” Jason tweeted. “We’ve asked four people, going on 18 minutes now. We gotta quit blaming COVID-19 for crappy service.”

Obviously expecting some sort of pity-party from people online and a refund from Mi Cocina, the Shredded Cheese Wife Guy was shocked when all he got was dragged to absolute filth.

Now there are a lot of things wrong with Mr. Shredded Cheese beyond the obvious one of having the nerve to complain about slow service during coronavirus, as neither husband or wife wore a mask. Mainly, the questions on everyone’s lips were: Who the fuck eats fajitas with cheese anyway, and how can someone not be able to physically eat something without cheese?

Sadly, we didn’t get our answer as Jason deleted his tweet after it went viral, and didn’t address the status of his sad, cheese-less wife. Instead, Jason claimed that his post was “clearly satire“, despite having made a number of similar complaints about other businesses in the Allen area on the same Twitter account.

However, after someone noted that the Shredded Cheese Wife would be mad knowing she went viral for something so stupid, Jason confirmed that this definitely was the case and that it was “not a good morning in [his] house” after his wife had found out.

Luckily for us, even though the Shredded Cheese Wife Guy managed to delete his tweet, it’s the internet so he and his cheese-loving wife’s legacy will live on forever. Especially after #18minuteswithoutcheese started trending overnight.

So here are all the best reactions to the Shredded Cheese Wife and her sooky ass husband: