The ‘Shot On iPhone’ TikTok Trend Perfectly Parodies Apple’s iPhone Ads

The comedic timing is superb.

Shot on iPhone TikTok

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iPhones have a pretty good camera that has only gotten better over the years.

In 2015, Apple believed in their camera quality so much that they included amateur videos in their ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign. The campaign, which featured footage filmed with the iPhone camera, aimed to highlight the quality of the Apple products.

The company’s foray into user-shot home videos began during the promotional rollout of the iPhone 6. The videos submitted utilised the slow-mo and time-lapse features of the iPhone, and all ended with the same frame. The videos cut to a white screen with the text ‘Shot on iPhone 6’, followed by the videographers name and the Apple logo.

But soon after the campaign, people began parodying the concept of these user submitted videos. The reality was that while the iPhone camera did have the capabilities to produce something beautiful, the likelihood of getting these perfect shots weren’t high. So people started uploading their own videos with the ‘Shot on iPhone 6’ text, to show what the ad would look like if they used the footage of everyday people.

The meme from 2015 managed to stayed dormant for a few years until someone used the format on TikTok. Pairing the ‘Shot on iPhone”‘text with an upbeat instrumental, people started to share the real videos they shoot on their phones.

The super-popular ‘Shot on iPhone’ hashtag is filled with situations where the comedic peak is immediately followed by the Apple logo. Whether the videos are of pranks gone wrong or unfortunate moments caught on camera, the comedic timing of the clips are actually perfect.

People have also started sharing Shot on iPhone videos with more of a storytelling element to them. These videos all end in the same way to the others but instead of something visual happening before the video cuts away, the person usually screams as the music plays. And honestly, same.

While it’s probably not the type of advertising Apple was looking for, these videos are a great way to promote the capabilities of their products. So please enjoy the rest of this compilation, even though you likely have your own equally-bonkers iPhone videos chilling in your Camera Roll right now.