Women Are Randomly Calling Men ‘Short Kings’ On TikTok And They’re All Deeply Offended

Turns out men get very defensive when you imply they might be under six foot.

Men TikTok Short Kings

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Remember when men on TikTok were getting really defensive after being told that they “look like they can’t swim“? Well, get ready for the latest trend that has women trolling random men by calling them “short kings”.

Yep, it turns out that the one thing men defend more than their apparent lack of swimming ability is their height — and nothing proves this more than the latest ‘Short King’ TikTok trend.

For those unaware, Short King is actually a compliment of sorts for men under 5’9″ with the term being popularlised by YouTubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller, who turned the concept of men not being ashamed of their short stature into a viral song with Blackbear in 2019.

But despite the term having a positive sentiment, men on TikTok are still fuming at the sheer thought that anyone might have the impression that they’re not tall.

In one of the most viral versions of the trend, @sadikhansk simply complimented all the men in her video by repeating the same message: “We love a short king” followed by the sweating emoji.

The result? Men desperately trying to mask their insecurities by swearing they’re at least six-f00t.

“We love a short king?! I’m 6’1″?! I could have anyone I wanted,” one super defensive man said.

“I’m sitting down right now. I’m not short. I’m far from short,” said another.

“I’m sorry what?! We love a short ki– what do you mean short king?!” responded someone else who stood up to prove his height. “I’m six-foot dawg. Six foot. Don’t ever say that.”

In Sadia’s part two, which was taken down by TikTok, the men got even more defensive about their height and even resorted to touching the ceiling to prove that they were, in fact, tall kings.

The whole thing was just a bit of fun that was started by @steffsizzle four days ago when she decided to poke fun at the random men she found streaming on TikTok Live.

Going for the one thing she knew would set them all off, Steff created the ‘Calling Guys Short On Their Lives’ trend that has resulted in women bombarding clueless men with short king comments all over TikTok.

So here are all the very best ones if you enjoy watching men get wildly defensive over truly pointless things: