Shia LaBeouf Goes Full LaBeouf In The Trippy First Trailer For ‘Honey Boy’

Starring Lucas Hedges as Shia LaBeouf and Shia LaBeouf as his own dad. Confused?

Shia LaBeouf in the trailer for Honey Boy

For a time, it seemed like Shia LaBeouf was in the news practically every week. There were his highly publicised arrests. His bizarre public art projects. That time he wore a paper bag on his head. But since 2017 he’s stayed mostly out of the spotlight. Until now. On Monday the first trailer for Honey Boy hit the web, and it can only be described as peak LaBeouf.

Written by LaBeouf during a stint in rehab, the pseudo-biopic stars Lucas Hedges as a troubled young Hollywood star struggling with addiction and the perils of fame. Sound familiar?

LaBeouf, meanwhile, plays Hedges overbearing dad. The actor has previously spoken about his difficult relationship with his own father, calling him “the key to most of my base emotions”.

“My greatest and my worst memories are with my father, all my major trauma and major celebration came from him,” he told Interview Magazine back in 2014. “It’s a negative gift.”

Clearly the dude has some stuff to work through. And based on the glowing reviews out of Sundance, Honey Boy is going to be quite the watch.

Honey Boy hits cinemas in the US on November 8 via Amazon Studios.