Everyone’s Obsessed With How Stoned Shia LaBeouf Was During The ‘Fast Times’ Live Table Read

Nothing but respect for our absolutely shit-faced king.

Shia LaBeouf fast times live

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Over the weekend, 12 of Hollywood’s most iconic celebrities got together for a virtual table read of the 1982 classic, Fast Times at Ridgemont High. 

Held to raise funds for COVID-19 relief efforts, the hour-long table read featured Morgan Freeman narrating as Dane Cook, Jimmy Kimmel, Shia LaBeouf, John Legend, Ray Liotta, Sean Penn, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt played different characters from the film.

Naturally, people obsessed with the non-existent ~Brad and Jen romance~ were very excited by the pair reuniting to act together for the first time since Pitt’s iconic cameo on Friends. Playing Linda Barrett and Brad Hamilton, Aniston and Pitt re-enacted the horny pool scene, where Brad gets caught jerking off in the bathroom after fantasising over Linda in her bikini. Real “celeb couple that divorced 15 years ago are still in love” bait, that one.

But beyond the faux romance, the one actor who managed to steal the show was easily Shia LaBeouf, thanks to his absolutely chaotic attempt take on Jeff Spicoli – Sean Penn’s original character.

As the Ridgemont High’s perpetually stoned surfer, LaBeouf really made sure he got into character by literally hot-boxing in his car during the entire table read. Smoking a thick blunt while Morgan Freeman narrated the script, it was hard to tell whether LaBeouf was just really good at method acting or just really, really, really high.

When clips of Shia LeBeouf’s Spicoli started to make their way online, people just couldn’t handle just how dedicated the actor was to the role.

In particular, the speed-dealer surfer sunnies and singlet that LeBeouf wore during the scene where Spicoli was denied service at Carls Jr. for not wearing a shirt, really was top-notch. Between the exasperated pleads for Brad to “just come on” to the slurred stoner speech to the neon yellow sunnies, it was hard to pick what the best part of the scene was.

Another iconic moment was LeBeouf trying to hold back his laughter while choking on smoke after hearing that another character had “managed to get a whole carrot down her throat”.

As expected, the clip of Shia LaBeouf smoking a blunt while just absolutely vibing out has become its own meme. And I mean, how could it not? The video radiates such a very specific Shia LaBeouf energy and all round good vibes. Plus, the clip goes with literally anything.

Anyway, nothing but respect for our chaotic and iconic Stoner King™️, Shia LaBeouf.

You can watch the entire ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ table read on YouTube here