The Entire Internet Is Obsessed With This TikTok Chef And Her Enjoyably Intimidating Aura

"Why do i feel like she’s bankrupted numerous ex husbands, but they all wish they had her back."

Cooking With Shereen TikTok Star

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TikTok is a strange app.

It’s impossible to predict what kind of trends will take hold across the platform. Some of the content there is very sweet, videos of loving couples and caring families. Then there’s the fucking bananas shit. There are videos of teenagers accidentally raising plague-level numbers of frogs; men performing sexual acts on hot dogs; haunting singing llamas.

For every understandable trend, there’s one that simply makes no sense at all. So, with that in mind, may I introduce you to the new viral superstar of the app, @cookingwithshereen.

A suburban “mom” who uses her platform to share recipes and health tips, Shereen is most notable for the distinct and utterly confusing vibe that she gives off. Viewers describe her as both deeply intimidating and extremely attractive, sometimes in equal measure. No one knows precisely how to sum up their crush on Shereen — which only adds to her mystery.

I mean, just watch this supercut of her best moments.

The video of Shereen’s highlight reel has gone viral on Twitter, attracting her a new audience, all of whom are trying to pin her aura down.

Shereen’s actually an accomplished and widely read chef — the TikTok fame is just the newest round of attention she’s received. She has a long-standing website, which you can visit if you want to peruse any of her recipes, and a YouTube cooking channel. For instance, you can watch a five minute-long video of her making a cheesecake right here:

Looks like TikTok has once again produced a new idol for our time.