Shaun Micallef’s ‘Mad As Hell’ Has Been Lovingly Collecting All Of Bill Shorten’s Weak-Ass Zingers

Step up your game, Bill.

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Bill Shorten is many things — politician, former union leader, sentient jacket potato — but a great orator is not one of them. While the government continues to slowball him golden opportunities to leave his mark in the form of terrible, terrible legislation, he just can’t seem to step up and not come across like somebody’s sad robot sidekick.

Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell has been carefully collating all of Bill’s lettuce-limp attempts to sound like an alternative Prime Minister, and the results are as funny as hell until you remember this is the guy tasked with getting Tony Abbott out of office.

In this one, Micallef looks at Shorten’s unfortunate propensity to mix up excited he gets when words.

In this one, the fabled ‘ZINGER’ screamer is introduced which, along with the heroic lion’s-roar sound effect, may be the greatest  addition to Australian television since Ship to Shore.

This one’s my favourite; the entire video’s great, but skip to 1:50 for the best bit.

Ahhh, my sides. What a Prime Minister he’ll make, with those sick burns of his.