Shaun Micallef Singing With Sydney Hardcore Outfit Pure Instinct Is Your Sunday Hangover Cure

Shaun Micallef is currently filming a doco on Australia's drinking culture, 'Shaun Micallef's On the Sauce'.

Shaun Micallef

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Zaddy Shaun Micallef has gotten on the mic at a local hardcore show in Melbourne this weekend, and it’s the Sunday pick-me-up you didn’t know you needed.

Filming for his new ABC doco Shaun Micallef’s On the Sauce, the national treasure hosted an all-ages, straight-edge hardcore show at Brick & Mortar Supply clothing store overnight. Attendees were forewarned that they’d be on film at the gig and may be interviewed about being a part of a non-drinking subculture.

The free show also raised money for national addiction treatment centre, Turning Point. The night featured sets from local hardcore acts Crush the Demoniac and Boundless, as well as Sydney’s Pure Instinct.

During Pure Instinct’s set, Micallef was invited to contribute guest vocals and the whole thing was caught on film. It’s a delight.

Did you think you would spend this morning watching Mad as Hell host Shaun Micallef joyfully thrust a mic into the faces of screaming, sober hardcore fans? Neither did I, but now we’re both here.

If you want to skip straight to Micallef’s clean vocals – crying “Unbroken, still here!?!” – about 1.30 is the moment the lead singer hands him the mic. But the whole thing is worth your time, even just to see Micallef try to casually move out of the path of the flailing bodies in a circle-pit.

Earlier this month, the ABC announced the three hour-long episode series, hosted by Shaun Micallef, a man who gave up drinking in his mid-20s.

“Personally, I’ve never quite understood alcohol,” explained Micallef. “I don’t get it. It tastes funny and I’m not very good at it. Two glasses of beer and I’m under the table. So about 30 years ago, I decided I’d be better off without it. But I have children now of drinking age, and I’m wondering what advice I can give them about drinking if I don’t understand it?”