Not A Drill: Shannon Noll Is Playing A Surprise Concert At Sydney Uni’s O-Week Today

This is the time. This is the day that we've been waiting for.

Shannon Noll

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Get up, get up, get up, get up
Lift your head
C’mon, c’mon
Get up out of bed.
Today’s the day you hold the world
With your song

So begins Shannon Noll’s ‘Shine’. Not only was the first single off Noll’s chart-topping album Lift a bona fide Number One smash hit in its own right; ‘Shine’ was an unapologetic statement of optimism and indefatigable perseverance. It’s an anthem to the rising sun, a call to embrace the possibilities a new day brings. Perhaps, in his lower moments post-Idol, Shannon whispered these lines to himself as he prepared to face another day.

But if those words can be of comfort in hard times, they signify the good times as well — moments of triumph, of validation, of hard-won reward.

For Shannon, today will bring one of those moments. In a shock announcement kept under wraps until the last possible instant, the University of Sydney Union has revealed Nollsy will be playing a surprise gig on-stage at Sydney Uni’s O-Week at 12:30 this afternoon.

Today, Shannon Noll will truly hold the world with his song.


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“Shannon may have been robbed in 2003 but he is number one in the hearts of University students across Australia,” USU President Alisha Aitken-Radburn told Junkee. “Sorry UNSW and move over UTS: Nollsy has really solidified the University of Sydney as providing the best student experience in the country.”

Patriots, you know your duty. Get down to Sydney Uni’s Eastern Avenue this arvo. Witness a little bit of history.