This Sex Worker Just Publicly Dragged All Men On ‘Q&A’, And It’s Something You Need To See

"Not going to lie, men are not always the greatest in bed."

sex work

A sex worker just publicly dragged the male gender in a beautiful moment of television last night, while discussing the hypocrisy that women have to put up with when it comes to sex.

Rita Therese — a writer, artist and sex worker — was a panellist on Q&A‘s final episode for the year, which touched on many of the (many, many) challenges of 2020.

But viewers were particularly drawn to the way Rita eloquently challenged enduring myths about the sex industry, touching on dating, ageism, and double standards.

One audience member was discussing the attitudes that his straight, male friends have towards sex workers, and the hypocrisy they show when bragging about their conquests while simultaneously agreeing they’d never date a woman with too many sexual partners.

Rita has worked in the industry for ten years, and said while she did find the double standard hypocritical she understood her job was not for everyone.

“Some people say ‘no it’s not for me, I’m not comfortable sharing, I have a different idea about love, I have a different idea about monogamy.’ That’s perfectly fine,” she said.

But when host Hamish Macdonald asked her about the double standard relating to promiscuity, she didn’t hold back.

“Who would want to … not going to lie, men are not always the greatest in bed. So I couldn’t imagine why you’d particularly want to go out and bed hundreds of them. You might get one out of a thousand is a real home run, and and the rest, um…” she said, as the audience and other panel members laughed.

“Do I think it’s hypocritical? I’ve been doing this job for so long …. I’m surrounded by people who don’t feel or think that way, and when I am confronted by it I’m just kind of like, not my circus not my monkey.”

Hamish also threw the question to rock legend Jimmy Barnes, who was also sitting on the panel.

“Sex has changed so much, and is changing and evolving so rapidly,” he said.

“Most kinds you meet now are non-binary now … it’s not the same as it was, you’re not straight or gay or whatever, there are so many various degrees of your sexuality and people are just starting to learn about sex and I think it’s just changing everyday.

“I think that probably men have, like most things, it’s men trying to be in control. It’s about men’s control issues … we have to start changing and start teaching our children about that hypocrisy. We’re all free to do what we like.”

Rita also said she doesn’t have a particularly moralistic standpoint when it comes to being a sex worker — but she is happy to see attitudes changing.

“When I first came out as a worker when I was 18 on Instagram there were maybe a small handful in the community. Now it’s a really thriving online world, and I think people are becoming more accepting and more understanding and I think that’s really cool,” she said.

“But do I think men are hypocritical for going to a strip club? No, because men will always want to have their Madonna and their whore. That’s how men are, and I don’t try and fight that.”

Q&A will return in 2021 to a new timeslot at 8.30pm on Thursdays.