Settle Down, Internet: The Full Cate Blanchett Interview Has Surfaced, And Is Actually Delightful

So. Much. Flirting.

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Blanchett Snaps: ‘That’s Your F**king Question?’, promises

Cate Blanchett Loses Her Cool With Interviewer On The Project‘, proclaims the Sydney Morning Herald.

Watch Cate Blanchett Flawlessly Shut Down an Interviewer’s Ridiculous Question‘, tempts Vanity Fair.

Cate Blanchett Cuts Awkward Interview Short‘, announces the quite clearly incorrect Huffington Post.

The 30-second snippet of Jonathan Hyla’s interview on last night’s The Project has gone viral in Australia and beyond, as the internet clamours on top of itself to post the most outrageous headline pertaining to An Actress Losing Her Cool.

What was actually happening in the interview? A playful chat on junket day — on which most press are lucky to get a full five minutes — between two funny people enjoying each other’s company.

“I was gonna bring like a six pack of beer,” Hyla opens. “You seem like the type of person we should just crack open a beer and have a beer.”

“This date is not going well,” Blanchett says. “I do not drink beer. I tried to drink beer on pub crawls when I was at Melbourne University, I couldn’t do it … There’s a really great potato vodka, it comes from Devon. So you could go to Devon and get me some if you really loved me. If you want the sex to be good, that’s the vodka. The beer is just not gonna cut it.”

“This is Cinderella. Yes. You’re not in the junket for Fast and Furious. Cinderella. I thought the girl in the blue dress might have given it — if that didn’t work, the name’s underneath.”

According to a source, that wasn’t the whole thing either. “The full interview was hilarious, but most of it was too, uh, ribald to go to air in The Project‘s time slot.”

Sorry Upton; actually kinda shipping these two.