Everyone Loves Seth Acosta From ‘Moxie’, The New And Improved Version Of Noah Centineo

Hot and actually cares about women? We stan.

seth acosta moxie

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In case you missed it, Amy Poehler’s teen feminist film, Moxie, dropped on Netflix last week and while there are mixed opinions on the film itself, everyone agrees that Seth Acosta was easily the best part.

Moxie is an adapted screenplay of Jennifer Mathieu’s novel of the same name, and follows shy main character, Vivian (Hadley Robinson), who starts a feminist revolution at her school through an anonymous magazine called Moxie.

But while the Netflix synopsis for the film claims that Vivian finds inspiration from her mother’s (Amy Poehler) rebellious past during the ’90s punk era, the events of Moxie are actually mostly inspired by Lucy (Alycia Pascual-Peña), the new girl who starts at the school and instantly challenges the status quo and patriarchy.

As soon as Lucy bursts onto the scene, she bashes The Great Gatsby in English class and stands up to the sexist school bully who is, of course, the football captain. Vivian, in awe of Lucy’s no-fucks-given attitude, then starts to notice all the toxic things going on around her, which drives her to publish Moxie anonymously.

Once Moxie gains traction, the girls of the school gain confidence and eventually unite against the sexist and toxic practices in place, which leads to some powerful moments.

Sadly, while the idea of Moxie was good, the film itself isn’t the greatest. A good storyline, the important messaging, and diverse casting is somewhat overshadowed by too many attempts at creating impactful “it moments”.

However, one redeeming part of Moxie is easily Seth Acosta, who is Vivian’s perfect boyfriend and is just so much better than any character that Netflix fave Noah Centineo has played.

Seth Acosta, who is played by absolute babe Nico Hiraga, is basically just a kind-hearted, supportive skater himbo.

But what makes Seth so good is that he quickly establishes himself as a feminist, who supports the female revolution happening within the school in subtle, but powerful ways. For example, the big dick energy Seth exudes by proudly drawing hearts and stars on his hand in support of one of Moxie’s movements.

Beyond proving he isn’t a shitty misogynist, like most of the other guys at the school, Seth also plays the supportive boyfriend very well. He supports and encourages Vivian with Moxie and her home problems, but never oversteps. Seth also lets Vivian take centre stage, but is not afraid to share and, most importantly, show his feelings — as he did when he wrote her name on his arm.

Basically, Seth Acosta is the perfect boyfriend and everyone can’t get enough of our new favourite himbo and Netflix boyfriend.

While Nico Hiraga doesn’t have the longest acting resume at the moment, beyond also playing skater Tanner in Olivia Wilde’s 2019 film, Booksmart, I’m sure this isn’t the last time we’re going to see him on Netflix. At least if Netflix’s strange Noah Centineo obsession is anything to go by.

But honestly? That’s fine by me. Nico Hiraga stan for life.

You can stream ‘Moxie’ on Netflix.