Selena Gomez Is The Only One From The ‘Only Murders’ Trio Not Nominated For An Emmy

“We’re a little dismayed that Selena [Gomez] didn’t get nominated because she’s so crucial to the trio,” said Steve Martin.


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Despite being a third of Only Murders In The Building‘s main ensemble, Selena Gomez was the only one of her co-stars snubbed for an Emmy.

Gomez’s co-stars, Martin Short and Steve Martin both earned ‘Best Lead Actor’ nominations. Speaking to Variety on their nominations, the duo expressed their shock at the lack of recognition for their co-star.

“Yeah, we’re very happy we got a lot of nominations. We’re a little dismayed that Selena [Gomez] didn’t get nominated because she’s so crucial to the trio, to the show. She kind of balances us. In fact, in some ways you can say that we got nominated because of her balance in the show,” said Steve Martin.

Fans of Only Murders In The Building would only agree. Part of the critically acclaimed series’ magic is the intergenerational true crime shenanigans between Gomez’s Mabel Mora and her 2 older besties. It’s a true ensemble performance, which is why it seems so baffling to only nominate 2 out of the 3.

None of which is to say that Short and Martin aren’t deserving of recognition. They’re 2 of the industry’s most revered comics for a reason. But it’s all the more reason Gomez deserves recognition for holding her own alongside them.

The series earned 15 other nominations, including Best Comedy Series, Best Contemporary Costuming and Outstanding Directing. As a producer of Only Murders in the Building, Gomez is only the second Latina woman to be nominated as a producer. The first was Salma Hayek in 2007.

Her commission from the acting categories, unfortunately, aligns with the Primetime Emmys’ long history of snubbing Latina actresses. Latina actresses have only won twice in the awards show’s history. In 1983, Rita Moreno won for ‘9 to 5’, and in 2007 America Ferrera won for ‘Ugly Betty.’

Thankfully, Only Murders In The Building has officially been renewed for season 3. So, the Emmys have a couple more years up their leave to recognise the obvious talent of Selena Gomez.

Only Murders is streaming exclusively on Disney+ with new episodes dropping on Tuesdays.