@Seinfeld2000 Has An Amazing New Game, Featuring Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig

Everything about this is weird.

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Lovers of weirdo internet ephemera will no doubt be familiar with @Seinfeld2000, the nutty Twitter parody of another Twitter parody, which follows the continuing adventures of Jery, Gerge, Elane and Krame. Last year, Jason Richards — the mysterious genius behind the website — wrote a well-received book titled The Apple Store (which Gawker teased online with a Chapter One excerpt); now he’s returned with an online game that’ll enjoyably waste your whole day.

The Junior Mint‘ uses the infamous episode of the same name as its inspiration. Playing as either “Jery” or “Krame”, your aim is to fire as many choc-mints into an operating patient’s gut, while Seinfeld cast players (even Newman) and, bizarrely, Miley Cyrus pop up as annoying obstructions. Each landed throw produces an incredibly satisfying laugh track, and sends “Gerge’s” bank account soaring, because… well, who the fuck knows.


Oddly, the game’s instantly familiar theme song is hummed by none other than Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, who’s apparently become a close friend of @Seinfeld2000’s Richards following a Vice interview last year.


Take a break from ‘2048‘ for a few minutes, and try it out here. Your brain will hate you so much for it, but who cares about brains.