Scott Morrison, Professional Cosplayer, Nearly Blinded Himself Welding Without A Mask

Jack of all trades, master of none.

scott morrison welding

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Jack of all trades, master of non Scott Morrison has defended his welding skills after a viral clip depicted him nearly blinding himself with a power tool over the weekend.

In an interview with 2GB radio on Monday morning, Morrison clapped back at critics by clarifying that welding is “not my day job”. For those who may be confused by his recent hairdressing and ukulele-playing escapades, Morrison’s day job is actually being the Prime Minister of Australia.

“If people want to have a crack me about that they can … I’ve got a lot to learn if I wanted to do those jobs,” said Morrison. “I just think our apprentices and the small businesses that are giving them a go are fantastic.

“And if all the narcs in the bubble want to have a crack at me, well, they can — but what I’m doing is showcasing the great work of our apprentices and small businesses.”

Morrison’s comments are particularly ironic considering his government has repeatedly cut funding for both TAFE and universities. In 2019, the LNP cut $649 million from the higher education sector, adding to more than $3 billion (yes, BILLION) that has been ripped from TAFE by the Abbott, Turnbull and Morrison governments in recent years.

So perhaps if the government hadn’t been so quick to axe the funding, somebody would’ve taught Morrison not to lift up his face shield while welding.

As is to be expected any time Morrison washes somebody’s hair or plays the ukulele, social media has absolutely eaten the whole situation up and has quickly memed it into oblivion.

It’s clear to see that Morrison is well and truly in campaign mode, which means we could realistically see an election called any day now. But it begs the question, will Morrison’s career cosplaying actually pay off when we head to the polls?

It goes without saying that you should absolutely leave the welding to the professionals. Do not try this at home, obviously.