Scott Morrison Is Handling Post-Election Very Well, Rents Out Cinema In The Shire For ‘Top Gun’

In case anyone was wondering what he's up to these days.

Scott Morrison Top Gun

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Scott Morrison has clearly been keeping himself busy since losing the Federal Election, hiring out an entire cinema to catch Top Gun: Maverick as a little treat last week.

The former Prime Minister reportedly arranged an excursion in the Sutherland Shire for around of his 50 former staffers to see the patriotic US blockbuster on Wednesday.

According to The Australian, Morrison took out the gang for a day on the town — composed of “electorate officers, administrative staff, media flaks, and off-duty members of his Australian Federal Police protective detail”. The entourage then hit up Zone Bowling Southgate, near his Port Hacking home, for a wee game of ten-pin bowling where he got to show off his competitive streak.

“I remember my Dad taking our family bowling when me and my brother were young,” Morrison reflected of his bowling alley triumphs. “Has been nice to be doing the same back in the Shire with family and friends.”

It’s not Morrison’s first brush with the Top Gun during his political career — he is a known fan of the action drama franchise, with another crossover on record during his tenure as Prime Minister.

Last February, Morrison visited a Royal Australian Air Force base in Williamtown, NSW, where the film’s soundtrack was played as he entered a Joint Strike Fighter event. “Normally, serious people don’t require theme music,” responded Labor Senator Tim Ayres during Senate Estimates later on.

Top Gun: Maverick became the year’s most successful film so far, racking in over $1 billion in the box office on Monday, in a massive win for actor Tom Cruise’s pockets. The movie focuses on Captain Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell’s grumbly return to the US Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program to train up the next generation of aviators.

Scott Morrison on the other hand, has been keeping it chill and unwinding in the last month, sharing on social media his famous curry dinners, his well-manicured lawn, and avidly following his (supposedly) beloved Cronulla Sharks.

He confirmed after the election that he would keep his foot in politics and will lend “every support” he can to the new face of the Opposition, Peter Dutton.

Junkee reached out to the Member for Cook’s office to confirm whether he rented out Events Cinema in Miranda, or Hoyts Cinema in Cronulla — but geographically, Miranda makes more sense. It is unknown whether he attempted to smuggle in any home brand lollies like the rest of us, in an attempt to beat the exorbitant candy bar costs during Australia’s inflation crisis.