Gender Neutral Signs Have Been Removed From A Government Building After ScoMo Threw A Tantrum

Your PM, hard at work.

scott morrison

Well, it seems that our beloved Prime Minister Scott Morrison is deeply afraid of unisex bathrooms.

See, until this week the toilet doors at the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet had signs affixed to them, announcing that “PM&C is committed to staff inclusion and diversity”, and encouraging staff to “please use the bathroom that best fits your gender identity”.

And yet today, one week after nonplussed Nine News political editor Chris Uhlmann posted a photo of the signs to Twitter, those signs are gone.

The Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet will not confirm whether Scott Morrison himself was individually responsible for the signs’ removal, but there are a few clues out there suggesting that our fearless leader is indeed quite afraid of a small piece of laminated paper.

For one, less than two hours after Uhlmann tweeted about the sign, ScoMo took to 2GB radio to say he expected the signs would be removed, calling them “ridiculous”.

“I don’t think this is necessary — I think people can work out which room to use,” he said. “Honestly, this is why we call it the Canberra bubble.”

“I have a very clear view about this and I am sure this will be sorted.”

And yeah, sure enough, by yesterday afternoon the signs had been removed. All the Department of Prime Minister & Cabinet would tell Junkee was this: “The signs have been removed. This was a decision of the Department’s Executive.”

We also asked the department how they plan on supporting LGBTIQ employees who require or would appreciate gender neutral bathrooms in future, but they didn’t respond.