Aussies On TikTok Are Banding Together To Hilariously Drag Scott Morrison

Forced handshakes and a Hawaiian holiday? Nothing but disdain for MY president.

TikTok Scott Morrison

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The current dire condition of Australia is hard to ignore.

The nation has been faced with bushfires since September with no real signs of slowing down any time soon. Yet, despite the clear need for help in dealing with the effects of climate change, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has continuously failed to be the leader Australia needs.

As much as ScoMo likes to think he’s done a good job in dealing with the emergency Australia faces, young people have taken to TikTok to prove just how useless he’s been.

Of course, it’s hard to ignore one of ScoMo’s biggest missteps from the disastrous past three months: Heading to Hawaii for a holiday while his country continued to burn.

Some Aussies even went further and chose to mock Scott Morrison defending his choice to still head on his family holiday despite the country crumbling around him.

ScoMo’s claims that he went on holiday because he had promised his kids the trip to Hawaii is being ridiculed, with people highlighting that even ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott gave a helping hand during the fires.

Beyond his tropical getaway, Scott Morrison’s series of forced handshakes through the fire-ravaged town of Cobargo have also been poked fun at. ScoMo’s strange desire to shake the hands of bushfire victims and firies who wanted nothing to do with him became the perfect theme for TikTok.

Basically, no Aussie on TikTok is happy with how ScoMo is dealing with the fires or how he’s supporting those affected by them. Likening the Prime Minister to Dr. Evil and claiming that he just truly doesn’t give a fuck, these TikTok’s are the best way to laugh through the scary times ahead for us.

If I were ScoMo, I’d stay off TikTok.