‘Scott Morrison: The Musical’ Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day

Refugee: "Please sir may I have some asylum?" Scott Morrison, in song: "F*** you refugee scum."

Scott Morrison The Feed

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“The women are leaving the party. The women are leaving today.”

Those are the lyrics to the interpretive dance number that kicks off The Feed’s latest political skit — a behind-the-scenes look at the fictional Scott Morrison: The Musical.

The skit comes from the comedy trio Freudian Nip, who were behind the two viral videos that reimagined the LIberal’s leadership spill as a private school captaincy stoush.

“It’s about the life and times of Australia’s most enigmatic — and recent — prime minister,” says one of the mock musical directors in the skit.

There’s a musical homage to a recent drama that saw Morrison delete a social media post after it came to light that the lyrics of a Fatman Scoop song used in the video were a little saucy.

And then there’s a recount of pre-PM Morrison:

“It feels like only yesterday that he was the ‘boy next door, human rights denier’ that nobody knew,” one of the directors says.

But the highlight of the video has to be the Oliver Twist spoof:


“Please sir, may I have some asylum?” a character on stage asks.

“Fuck you refugee scum,” is the response from a second character, holding a Morrison mask in front of her face.

“We’re hoping to release this summer,” one director says of the musical, near the end of the skit.

“Hopefully he is still prime minister by then.”

Check out the full video below:

Scott Morrison: The Musical

He's only been Prime Minister a month and already Scott Morrison is inspiring the nation… through musical theatre.

Posted by The Feed SBS VICELAND on Tuesday, 18 September 2018