Scott Morrison Is Getting Brutally Roasted For This Bizarre Photoshop On His Website

Your tax dollars hard at work.

Scott Morrison's badly photoshopped shoes

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is getting torn to shreds online over a bizarre photo on his official website that has been (badly) doctored to give him different shoes.

Twitter user Luke Martin first pointed out the crappy photoshop job, posting before and after pics to his social media.

Why anyone felt the need to alter the image isn’t really clear. It’s also not clear why they decided to give Morrison two left feet, although maybe it’s a metaphor.

The original, unedited image was subsequently restored to the pm.gov.au website… but by then it was too late.

A spokesperson for Morrison said that the image “was doctored by the department of PM&C (Prime Minister and Cabinet) without the knowledge of, or authorisation by, the PM or the PM’s office”.

So… you might say… Scotty Doesn’t Know?

The spokesperson also clarified that Morrison “likes his own shoes”.