Scott Morrison Fundamentally Misunderstands Pac-Man In His Latest Attempt To Zing Bill Shorten

Deeply relatable, everyday guy Scott Morrison strikes again.

scott morrison pacman

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Breaking news: two whole days after Bill Shorten absolutely owned Scott Morrison with a Space Invaders zinger, the PM has come up with a comeback. It’s a Pac-Man impression, and it went about as well as you’d expect.

After all, Scott Morrison has comprehensively demonstrated what an ordinary, relatable guy he is. In the past month, he’s offered a range of helpful analogies to communicate his policies to the average voter. He’s compared Australian voters to Winx, who is famously a horse. He’s performed a Borat impression in Parliament, more than a decade after the film’s release.

And now, here’s his take on Pac-Man, or in Scott Morrison’s words, “that thing that just goes around gobbling up like that”.

“Who remembers Pac-Man? That little thing that goes around gobbling up like that?” he asked voters on the weekend. “That’s Bill Shorten’s tax policy. And you know how it chases people around, in the maze? That’s Bill Shorten’s tax policy. The only space he’s going to invade is your wallet.”

Morrison seems to be under the impression that he’s using Pac-Man to explain the problems with Bill Shorten’s “tax policy”. Unfortunately, as viewers have pointed out, Morrison doesn’t seem to actually understand the game of Pac-Man.

Crucially, he seems to think that Pac-Man is the villain of the game, rather than the obvious hero navigating a maze full of treacherous ghosts.

Someone probably should have briefed him on that before he went ahead and compared his political opponent to a hero, hey?

Meanwhile, here’s Bill Shorten: