As Australia Burns, People Are Begging For Scott Morrison To Listen To Them

"You know there is something wrong with your democratically elected govt ... when you have to resort to getting a # trending in an attempt to get them to listen to us"

Scott Morrison NSW fires #attnscottmorrison

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There are fears that Australia’s bushfires may be out of control for months yet, but Scott Morrison is still having trouble acknowledging the big, fat, flaming elephant in the room.

While bushfires are nothing new to Australia, the fact that they’ve arrived so early in the season, and with such ferocity, have sparked a debate on the impact climate change is having. A debate in which the Prime Minister has tried his best to not engage with.

Scott Morrison and his conservative colleagues have faced criticism for refusing to answer questions on this.

As Australia burns, people have taken to twitter using #attnscottmorrison to draw attention to all the ways the government has failed in the fight against climate change.

At least 300 properties have been destroyed and three lives have been lost in the bushfires, which are spread from Cobraball in central Queensland to Sydney.

More than 80 fires are still burning in New South Wales and more than 60 are blazing in Queensland, with the extreme drought creating a tinderbox across most of the east coast.

With the government’s continued support of coal mining, resistance to emission reduction policies and their crackdown on climate protestors, people are rightfully pissed.

A Change.org petition is also being circulated calling on the PM to immediately meet with emergency leaders, including Greg Mullins.

Greg is one of 23 former fire chiefs who have been attempting to meet with the prime minister since April to talk about the impact of climate change on bushfires.

“Nationwide, people’s feelings of fear and anxiety about the future of our country are reaching boiling point,” the petition reads.

“It’s time to get PM Scott Morrison’s attention.”