Scott Morrison Has Signed To A Talent Agency

You can pay him to speak about the net-zero economy.

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If you needed any more proof that men will coast through life getting handed overpaid jobs they’re absolutely not qualified for, former Prime Minister Scott Morrison is now a motivational speaker.

At this point you may have forgotten that Morrison is still an elected official, on account of the fact that he hasn’t really done a hell of a lot publicly since being bumped from the top job at the last federal election, but it turns out he’s also picked up a pretty lucrative side hustle.

Morrison announced on Friday that he has signed to Worldwide Speakers Group (WWSG) — a US-based talent agency that organises speaking engagements for “global thought leaders” for a hefty fee.

“After extensive research and due diligence, I am excited to be joining Worldwide Speakers Group who will help facilitate my growing relationships within the private sector,” said Morrison in a press release.

“WWSG’s roster of distinguished thought leaders, their truly global customer base, and personal attention have already made our relationship special. I could not be prouder to join Bob Thomas, Dan Sims, and the entire WWSG team for my next chapter.”

According to his profile on the WWSG website, Morrison is available to speak about a variety of topics including faith and religion, and — get this — “the net zero global emissions economy”, as if the former PM who became the laughing stock of COP26 is even remotely qualified to speak on climate change.

“As Prime Minister of Australia from 2018 to 2022, Scott Morrison successfully led his nation through the most difficult and significant challenges Australia had faced since the Great Depression and the Second World War,” his biography reads.

His biography also boasts him as the “architect of the landmark AUKUS trilateral defence agreement”, notably excluding the part where this deal totally obliterated our relationship with France.

It is unclear how much Morrison charges per speaking arrangement.

WWSG also represents other figures including politician Mike Pence and Fox News commentator Tomi Lahren.

Photo Credit: Tracey Nearmy/Stringer