Everyone On Twitter Thinks Scott Morrison Has Gone Missing, So Now It’s Become A Big Meme

Harold Holt is trending again for a reason.

Scott Morrison missing has become a big meme on Twitter

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Scott Morrison has been pretty present over the last few weeks — at least in a physical sense.

The Prime Minister has appeared in front of cameras countless times to offer his “thoughts and prayers” to those affected by the NSW bushfires, smiling at the press and dropping vague, useless commiserations.

Of course, who knows where he’s actually been ethically or politically. The man is a walking suit filled with dandruff, and the day we see him take any kind of stance on any kind of issue will be the day we all die of shock.

So maybe it’s that moral invisibility that has spawned a curious new conspiracy theory-turned-meme on Twitter — that Scott Morrison has gone missing.

The first person to share the story appears to be Aaron Dodd, a “small business owner” and regular political commentator on Twitter.

Of course, Dodd had no obvious connection to any insiders that might know whether or not the Prime Minister has gone missing.

There was no reason to believe him, so there was no reason to be surprised when, a mere five hours later, a photo of the Prime Minister being very much not disappeared was shared to Twitter.

In fact, there’s not even reason to believe that he was being serious, rather than just joking about our PM’s dubious ethical standing when it comes to the bushfires ravaging NSW.

But that’s kinda beside the point. Whether he meant to or not, Dodd kicked off a massive meme on Twitter — one equating Morrison with Harold Holt, the Prime Minister who famously disappeared into the ocean.

Within hours, some were seriously pondering the whereabouts of the Prime Minister, while others were getting in on the fun with satirical memes. Before too long, the hashtag #WheresScotty started — and not long after that, it took off.

All in all, this is a rare meme: one that speaks to an ethical, rather than actual truth. Cause even when Scott Morrison comes back properly, we all know he won’t really be back — not in the way a Prime Minister should be.