Scott Morrison Just Took A Swipe At The NSW Environmental Minister Over Climate Change

"Matt Kean doesn't know what he's talking about" said our Prime Minister.

Environmental Minister Matt Kean

Last month, NSW politician Matt Kean became one of the first Liberals to really acknowledge how bad climate change is.

If there’s any bright-eyed optimists still out there, you might have felt a glimmer of hope — maybe the tide was turning in the Liberal party? Maybe it’s the start of a new era in climate change policy? Maybe our race to the bottom is over?

Well, today I am here to disappoint you.

This morning Prime Minister Scott Morrison took an extremely personal swipe at the fellow Liberal politician.

“Matt Kean doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” he said.

I mean … he’s literally the New South Wales Environmental Minister but sure ScoMo, go off.

“Most of the federal cabinet wouldn’t even know who Matt Kean was,” our Prime Minister went on to say, which surely reflects way worse on them than it does on Matt. “Matt can focus on hazard reduction; I’ll focus on emissions reduction.”

Just what everyone wants to hear from the man who literally bought a lump of coal into parliament.

The comments came after Matt — who, as we already said, is a state MP — told Sky News some of the most senior members of the federal government were unhappy with Morrison’s climate policies.

“They’re not moderates, they’re from the right of the party,” he said.

“Their communities are crying out; they’re listening to the majority of people in their electorates that are saying we want you to protect our environment, but we don’t want you to do it in a way that’s going to destroy our economy.”

It’s not the first time Kean has called out his own party; he’s been happily subtweeting them for a while now.

His comments last month were what prompted Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack to lash out and blame kids for causing the bushfires.

“This year is the second hottest year in New South Wales’ history, following last year which was the hottest year in New South Wales’ history,” Matt said at the time.

“We’re seeing a record drought which is the worst in living memory and we’re seeing these extreme bushfires. There are all the things scientists told us would happen as a result of climate change.”

Looks like there’s a bit of tension in the government, and we would be here for it (if it didn’t drastically affect the viability of the planet).