Scott Morrison Has Horrified The Nation By Washing Someone’s Hair

"Looks like someone made Scott Morrison hold a hose after all."

scott morrison hairdresser

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison is yet to pull the trigger and officially call the 2022 federal election, but the election campaign has well and truly kicked off this week. How do I know that, you ask? Well, because Morrison has been filmed washing a woman’s hair at a Victorian hair salon.

In what I can only assume is the COVID-safe alternative to kissing babies and shaking hands at your local Coles, Morrison has taken it upon himself to pick up a gig at his local hair dresser in Mount Eliza, Victoria.

There are no real words to describe the encounter, so you’re just going to have to subject yourself to the footage.

If you’ve ever gone to a salon, you’d know they cost a small fortune, and the absolute best part of the experience is when your stylist gives you the fancy hairdresser massage that feels like a million tiny angels tap-dancing on your scalp. Honestly, I’m convinced it’s what Hilary Duff was singing about in ‘What Dreams Are Made Of’.

But imagine, just imagine for a second, if you sat down at the basin to discover that instead of your highly-qualified stylist scrubbing at your scalp, it was the Prime Minister — who should probably be sorting out free rapid antigen tests or freeing the refugees right now. Naturally, social media has had an absolute Friday afternoon field day with the photo op, with users quick to point out that perhaps Morrison does hold a hose after all.

The situation gives huge John Howard energy, and considering Josh Frydenberg is now balder than the day he exited the womb, I would not be trusting any politician in a hair salon.

Labor has also entered the chat, and Tim Watts did not hold back.

The whole situation is incredibly weird, but perhaps the worst part of all is that he ruined everyone’s favourite part of going to the hairdresser, which is a crime that simply cannot be forgiven.


Honestly, you’ve got to handed to Morrison for bookending his week with a failed Newspoll result and an incredibly cringe photo op. The man is nothing if not consistent.