Scott Morrison Just Got Torn To Shreds By An Outgoing Liberal Senator

"It is his way or the highway. [He's] an autocrat, a bully who has no moral compass."

concetta fieravannti wells

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In some energising mid-week news, Liberal senatorĀ Concetta Fierravanti-Wells ripped into Prime Minister Scott Morrison; calling him a “bully” with no moral compass.

After being demoted on the party’s Senator ticket, Fierravanti-Wells will leave politics next month, and last night (budget night and a month off from the election) she delivered a scathing character assessment of the Prime Minister. “Be aware of the history I’ve had with Scott Morrison,” the senator said. “Let me give that clarity and context to that history so there can be no misunderstanding.”

She adds Morrison is “adept at running with the foxes and hunting with the hounds, lacking a moral compass and having no conscience”.

“His actions conflict with his portrayal as a man of faith,” she added. “He has used his so-called faith as a marketing advantage.”

She also added comments about his mistreatment of Lebanese-Australian politician Michael Towke who ran for the seat of Cook. “Having lost the ballot, Morrison and his cronies went to Sam Dastyari to get dirt on Towke who had been in the Labor Party for a period of time whilst at University.”

“This dossier of anecdotes was weaponised and leaked to the media to the point where Towke’s reputation was destroyed,” she said, adding: “I’m advised that there are several statutory declarations to attest to racial comments made by Morrison at the time that we can’t have a Lebanese person in Cook,” adding that he and the Liberal establishment in NSW “destroyed a good young man.”

“Since then, Morrison has never faced a pre-selection. Hence the trampling of members rights in New South Wales and denying the improper pre-selections and installing Captain speaks is classic Morrison.”

Watch senator Fierravanti-Wells’ full speech below.