ScoMo Reckons 100% Renewable Energy Is A Greater Risk To Australia Than Clive Palmer

We know which one we'd prefer.

scott morrison

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Scott Morrison appeared on the ABC’s 7.30 tonight and said some very questionable things, but one in particular stood out: our Prime Minister reckons that a 100 percent renewable energy target is more of a risk to Australia than anything Clive Palmer and his United Australia Party has to offer.

Morrison shared this view after 7.30 host Leigh Sales pressed him on why the Coalition chose to make preference deals with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation and Clive Palmer’s UAP this election.

“The National Party has done a preference deal with Pauline Hanson’s One Nation,” Sales pointed out. “Why is the Coalition normalising the values and activities of the far-right?

“That’s a matter for the National Party,” Morrison responded. “I respect the National Party to make their own decisions”.

Of course, Morrison’s Liberal party is in a formal Coalition with the Nationals, and the two parties operate as one (The Liberal National Party) in Queensland.

Sales then noted that the Liberal Party has made its own preference deal with Clive Palmer. “Does it tell voters something about Coalition principles that you’ll do deals with Pauline Hanson or Clive Palmer if it helps you stay in power?” she asked.

“Once you vote Liberal and National the choices after that get pretty thin,” Morrison replied. “I think Bill Shorten and the Greens are a much greater risk to people’s jobs and the economic and national security of this country than the alternative.”

Sales pointed out that “if you look at Bill Shorten’s policies or Richard Di Natale’s policies, whether you agree with them or not, they are at least based in science and evidence. They’re not racists. They’re not constantly dropping candidates.”

In response, Morrison began to vent about Greens policies he apparently finds more objectionable than the above. “Richard Di Natale thinks it’s OK for people to invade farms. I don’t think that’s terribly sensible,” he said.

This shouldn’t need to be said, but Richard Di Natale does not think it’s okay for people to invade farms. Morrison’s comments refer to a string of vegan protests earlier this year that involved trespass on private property, which Di Natale has said he did not support.

Morrison was not done, however. “Richard Di Natale supports death taxes,” he added. “Richard Di Natale wants 100 percent renewable target, which will basically crash our economy. I don’t think that’s sensible at all.”

“Death taxes”, FYI, are not quite as scary as they sound — the term refers to a tax on a person’s inheritance after they die. In any case, while some Greens are open to the idea, death taxes are not currently one of the party’s policies.

And as for a 100 percent renewable energy target, well, is that really something to be so scared of? Clive Palmer, on the other hand