ScoMo Continues To Ruin All Our International Relationships By Suggesting We Must “Tackle China”

He actually meant we should "tackle climate change".

scott morrison china

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Scott Morrison has gone viral in China for all the wrong reasons after a monumental slip up at COP26 in Glasgow. France officially isn’t the only country that’s well and truly done with our shit this week.

In a speech delivered last week, Morrison asserted that we needed “global momentum to tackle China”, when he meant to say “tackle climate change”. Yikes.

The clip quickly went viral on Chinese social media platform Weibo — with more than 130 million views on the hashtag “Australian Prime Minster Misrepresents Tackling Climate Change As Tackling China”.

One user went so far as to assert that “no way it’s a slip of the tongue, it’s just speaking out his mind”.

Additionally, Morrison earned criticism from the state media outlet Gunacha.com, which asserted that his “head is full of China”.

“He doesn’t have a passion¬†to protect the environment but does have anti-China passion under the name of protecting environment,” said the opinion piece. “This episode is the actual reflection of his mind.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Morrison has found himself at the centre of a Chinese controversy, after he famously demanded an apology from the Chinese Foreign Ministry after a spokesman posted a photoshopped image of an Australian soldier holding a knife to an Afghan child’s throat.

It’s worth noting that although the image was doctored, it was shared around the time that the infamous Brereton Report into alleged war crimes in Afghanistan was released, which should’ve been more of a concern for the PM than any doctored image.

The news comes after Morrison effectively nuked our relationship with France while abroad for the climate change conference. If there was an award for ruining the most international relations at a conference designed to bring nations together, Australia would win gold.

Honestly, let’s just be glad it wasn’t quite as bad as the time as he mispronounced Greg Hunt as, well, you know…