Watch Scott Morrison Desperately Try To Force A Wildfire Victim To Shake His Hand

She was having none of it.

Scott Morrison handshake

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Over the last few months, Scott Morrison has repeatedly proved he is incapable of handling the crisis sweeping the country he supposedly leads.

Throughout his entire career as a politician, the man has attempted to downplay the existential threat of climate change. But that affected ignorance has been on particularly stark display during the bushfires, a crisis that Morrison decided was a perfect time to take a bougie holiday while the country was on fire and his citizens were distressed and in danger.

And now, during what was nothing more than a desperate photo opp at a bushfire-ravaged town, he tried to force an upset victim to shake his hand while other citizens heckled and booed him.

It all went down at the town of Cobargo, as captured by Nine News. While attempting to do that genteel, empty-smiling politician thing that he was too busy taking a holiday to do before, Morrison wandered the town hand trying to interact with its residents.

Instead, they spurned him. When a woman wouldn’t immediately shake his hand, Morrison picked it up and shook it for her.

“I’m only shaking your hand if you give more funding to our RFS,” the woman tells Morrison. “So many people here have lost their homes.”

Instead of replying, Morrison mumbled some platitudes and wandered off in the other direction. But he didn’t escape ire there. Citizens shouted insults at him, telling him that “nobody votes Liberal around here”, until eventually he turned and ran.

Watch the full video here:

It is one more disaster for Morrison in a string of them. But this one particularly stings. So far, the Prime Minister has attempted to dismiss the criticisms against him as echo chamber ravings on Twitter.

Maybe now, he’ll face up to the fact that large swathes of the country see him as the face of greed, inaction, and ignorance.