Scott Morrison Says He’s Proud To Get Booed At The Tennis, Doesn’t Seem To Get What Booing Means

Who wants to tell him?

Scott Morrison proud to be booed at the Australian Open

Scott Morrison says he was happy to be booed at the Australian Open over the weekend, presumably does not understand the concept of booing.

The Prime Minister was at Rod Laver Arena on Sunday for the match between Roger Federer and Stefanos Tsitsipas. So naturally, when the camera operator cut to a shot of him sitting in the crowd, people booed the absolutely shit out of him.

But Morrison wasn’t fazed, telling reporters the fans were simply taking part in a great Aussie tradition.

“It’s a great tradition,” he insisted. “I would be disappointed if they didn’t. Bob Hawke and everyone else got the same treatment at games.”

Really, Scott? Because I’m pretty sure Bob Hawke gets massive cheers whenever he’s seen at the cricket.

Maybe, just maybe, they’re booing you because you’re a massive knob? Just a thought.