Scott Morrison Had Another Shocker On ‘7.30’ Last Night

First it was just Captain Cook, but now our Prime Minister doesn't understand taxes?

Scott Morrison on ABC 7.30

Just a week after incorrectly claiming that Captain Cook circumnavigated Australia, Scott Morrison has appeared on the ABC’s 7.30 to reveal some more topics he doesn’t know much about. In particular, our Prime Minister seems to have a bit of a shaky understanding of taxes, which, unlike commemorating Captain Cook, are actually pretty crucial to his job.

ScoMo’s misunderstanding came to light after 7.30 host Leigh Sales pointed out that he had recently claimed the economy would be weaker under a Labor government, because it would impose higher taxes. “Correct,” Morrison confirmed.

“Where’s your evidence that higher taxes weaken an economy?” was Sales’ next question, and Morrison floundered.

“I think it’s just fundamental economics 101,” was all he could say. Even if the word “economics” makes your eyes glaze over, it’s pretty clear that this isn’t true, simply because it’s too broad. There are many kinds of taxes, and the money raised by those taxes can be put to many different uses. Who or what you’re taxing, and who or what you’re funding as a result, will determine whether the economy is weakened or strengthened.

As Sales pointed out, “the Howard Government imposed a very big new tax on Australia — the GST. Are you saying that weakened the economy?”

“Well no, they abolished taxes at the same time,” Morrison responded, basically proving Sales’ point: it’s possible to raise some taxes without weakening the economy.

That wasn’t ScoMo’s only blunder, either. At another point in the interview, Sales tried to ask him why, if the Liberal Party’s record is as good as he keeps claiming, the party needed to dump Malcolm Turnbull. “Well, that was last year, Leigh,” was the Prime Minister’s response.

And after Sales pointed out that the recent resignation of several Liberal MPs “gives voters the perception of rats deserting a sinking ship”, Morrison got a bit cranky.

Cranky Scott Morrison

Exhibit A: Cranky Scott Morrison.

“Well who’s created that perception?” he asked. “The Labor Party have.”

“But haven’t three ministers in a row, by saying they won’t contest an election?” Sales asked.

“No they haven’t, because they gave very clear personal reasons for doing that,” Morrison responded, giving the example of Kelly O’Dwyer, who cited a miscarriage as part of the reason she was retiring. He did not make any mention of other Liberal MPs’ reasons for quitting the party recently (see for example Julia Banks, who quit the party with an explosive speech slamming it for losing its way, or Ann Sudmalis, who quit for similar reasons).

Morrison also refused to confirm whether he’ll be sticking around as Opposition Leader if the Liberal Party loses the election, saying instead that “I’m committed to winning the next election”, and “that’s not my plan”. He’s going to get the shock of his life if the Australian public decides to derail that plan. Maybe he doesn’t understand elections, either?