Someone Made A Version Of ‘Snake’ Where ScoMo Tries To Dodge Fire Victims

"If you get a 100% approval rating then they'll have to shake your hand."

ScoMo Simulator

As much as we love how high tech as computer games are now, sometimes we get a bit nostalgic for the ‘ol classics.

Luckily for you one of the best, Snake, as been updated fore the modern age — courtesy of our PM, Scott Morrison. It’s all pretty simple — players have to try and dodge firefighters while using ‘thoughts and prayers’ to put out the fires.

“If you get a 100% approval rating then they’ll have to shake your hand,” the instructions read.

Credit goes to Cam Wilson from BuzzFeed for bringing this glorious game to our attention.

While it’s all a bit of ridiculous fun, the game was actually set up to try and encourage people to donate to the RFS.

“Please donate to RFS/WIRES if you can, revenue from these ads are going to these organizations (sic). ScoMo is a joke,” the website reads.

It also contains a large chunk of block text which details a brief history of Scott Morrison, as well as scientific information on climate change.

Anyone interested in playing can visit scomosimulator.com.