Scott Morrison Claims He Hasn’t Been To Hillsong In 15 Years

Is he sure about that?

scott morrison hillsong

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison is doing his best to distance himself from Hillsong after its founder Brian Houston resigned from the global church.

Houston stepped down after investigations found he had engaged in inappropriate behaviour with two women. On Thursday, Morrison commented it was “entirely appropriate” that Houston resign and added he was “disappointed and shocked” by the findings.

Houston’s resignation has reportedly rattled the Hillsong empire, which now boasts a 24-hour news channel in the US and attracts 150,000 weekly attendees all around the world. Morrison tried to distance himself from the evangelical church on Thursday, claiming he now attends Pentecostal church, ShireLive. “I haven’t been at Hillsong now for 15 years,” Morrison reportedly said.

His claims are seemingly at odds with the fact that Morrison opened and prayed at the annual Hillsong Church conference back in 2019. Notably, it was at that same conference that Brian Houston was found to have engaged in his second instance of inappropriate conduct.

As reported by The Guardian, Morrison had considered Houston a friend and mentor for many years. Morrison and Houston’s friendship made international headlines three years ago when Morrison admitted he tried to get the pastor an invite to The White House as part of his official 2019 visit to DC.

That attempt was unsuccessful, and Morrison didn’t admit to making the request — after months of dismissing the claims as “gossip“– until 2020. Morrison even thanked Houston for helping him find his bearings in the church at an early age in his 2008 maiden speech to Parliament.

“My first thoughts were with the victims, as they’ve rightly been described, and so very concerned,” Morrison told reporters on Thursday, after several days of silence on the matter. “The actions that have been taken are entirely appropriate.”