Schapelle Corby Has Dropped Her Debut Single And It’s Already Time To Pack Up 2018

It's just awful.

Remember last year when everyone was all “Goddamn 2017 was terrible in basically every regard, I can’t wait for 2018!”? Well, I’m very sorry to report that after just two days the evidence is already pointing to 2018 being another giant trash fire.

Convicted drug smuggler and visual artist Schapelle Corby has kicked off the year by releasing… a pop song. We don’t know why. No one asked for it, no one wants it, but like most terrible things it’s been foisted upon us regardless.

The tune is called ‘Palm Trees’ and it was actually released on Instagram by producer Nat Zeleny back in December, but for some reason Corby waited until the New Year to post it on her account, giving it the attention it definitely doesn’t deserve.

The song opens with Corby singing “I’m in Queensland, and it is sunny”. No, I’m not joking. She then adds “I’ve got the palm trees behind me”.

The song’s video consists of a montage of images from Corby’s Instagram feed, along with the occasional palm tree. Because the song is called ‘Palm Trees’. Get it?

The reaction to the track has been… mixed. Some of Corby’s followers are extremely into it, with one commenting “Great stuff Schapelle, look forward to hearing/seeing more”.

“Go girl love me some palm trees,” another wrote.

But there’s plenty of people who think the track is awful (they’re right). “Wtf” and “I want to fucking die” are quite common reactions.

For some reason Sunrise appears to be non-ironically backing the song as “the catchiest song of 2018”, which it technically might be simply due to the fact very few songs have been released so far.

If you want to bring in 2018 by torturing yourself you can listen to ‘Palm Trees’ right here.

Fingers crossed Schapelle sticks to painting in the future.