Scalpers Are Trying To Resell Bushfire Relief Gig Tickets For Double The Price


Queen Fire Fight Australia

Proving that some people really will try to take advantage wherever and however they can, scalpers have been slammed for attempting to resell tickets for bushfire relief concerts at an inflated price.

The biggest of these gigs is Fire Fight Australia. Boasting a stacked line-up of Queen, Alice Cooper, Amy Shark and Hilltop Hoods, the relief concert is set to go down at ANZ Stadium on February 16. Tickets for that show sold out almost immediately, putting them in high demand — a demand that scalpers have decided to capitalise on.

In the hours after the show sold out, tickets were being flipped on sites like Gumtree and eBay for up to double their price.

However, as reported by SBS, some of the resale sites are hitting back.

Yesterday, eBay pulled the tickets for Fire Fight, citing them as having broken the site’s ticket selling policy. Gumtree made no official announcement about the scalpers, but at the time of, no tickets are available on the site.

That said, there are a lot of people using Gumtree to request tickets — so it’s not impossible that sales are still being negotiated off the site. The Fire Fight website states that Ticketek is the only authorised ticket seller for the event.

Scalpers continue to be a problem in Australia, with many musicians speaking out against the ticket resale site Viagogo. Most recently, tickets for the Australian Lizzo tour were being listed for almost $20,000, after bots bought up swathes of seats.

Making things difficult, stamping out scalpers requires change from the top. People will always want to resell tickets, and scalpers will always be there to fill that void. The only change will come when legislation is handed out — this is a tricky problem that’ll require a structural solution.

Until then, let’s hope that resale sites continue to take that stand, and stop charitable donations from slipping into the hands of greedy individuals.