Say Your Last Goodbye To ‘Parks And Rec’ With 27 Minutes Of Gag Reels And Behind The Scenes Clips

Amy Poehler swears and cries exactly as much as you will.

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One sentimental series final was never going to be enough to say goodbye to a show as loveable as Parks and Recreation. Now, to help with the mourning we all know you’re in, someone incredible person has got their hands on the gag reel for the final season and lovingly used it to create a series-long compilation of bloopers and behind the scenes footage.

It includes the cast’s incredible audition tapes from 2008, Amy Poehler frequently dropping F-bombs and Chris Pratt talking A LOT about his butt. Basically, it’s just as phenomenal as you might expect. If you’re just after the new season seven gags skip to 15.40. Or, if you’d like your heart to explode, skip to the end to see Amy Poehler crying.

Watch it here.

Because there will never be enough of this kind of stuff, here’s another look at the making of that final scene: