This Brissy Car Dealership Turned The ‘Savage’ TikTok Dance Into A Totally Cursed Ad

"Why do I feel like middle-aged man named Greg thought this would be a good idea?"

Brisbane Mazda dealership films cringe 'Savage' dance video to sell cars

In an effort to sell cars, this Brisbane dealership has decided that creating cringe-inducing viral content to embarrass their employees is an excellent marketing strategy. The Junkee team, for one, has already bought five Mazdas after watching this ‘remix’ of Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Savage’.

Last week, Grand Prix Mazda Aspley uploaded their take on ‘Savage”s TikTok dance, where a set of three employees half-heartedly do moves to new, car-selling lyrics. And the best part? It doesn’t actually use the song, instead replacing the track with generic, no-doubt license-free bubbly muzak —  and leaving the video’s ‘rap lead’ with no beat to work with.

“September’s savage/A month, packed, with savings/So what, are, you waiting for?!,” says the lead, exuding ‘go girl give us nothing’ energy. Meanwhile, the dancer on the right is having the time of his life. Good for him!

As was clearly the plan, the video’s being roasted on social media — and has raked in more than 7000 comments.

“Why do I feel like middle-aged man named Greg thought this would be a good idea?,” wrote one of the top commenters. “Probably saw his niece watching it on TikTok and thought it was an excellent sales pitch. The girl looks like she would rather be anywhere else.”

While the video does scream ‘middle-aged manager’, we’re not so sure: this is top-tier shitposting, straight from the brain of an extremely online person. A quick scroll through their videos show this is far from their first embarrassing video.

Among the highlights are ‘Rockstar’ dances, ‘Flipping The Switch’ challenges and some kind of take on Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ featuring a lot of hip gyrating. Given these are ads, the Mazda dealership can’t actually use the songs they’re referencing, which really adds to the experience.

Gruen Transfer, give them all the praise. This is advertising. This is broadway!

Watch the video below — and the original ‘Savage’ track below, as a palate cleanser. As of writing, Megan Thee Stallion has not bought a Mazda to the best of our knowledge.

September’s savage, A month, packed, with savings, So what, are, you waiting for?!

Posted by Grand Prix Mazda Aspley on Wednesday, September 16, 2020